winEducation & dinner – April 16th, 5pm

Join Austin ‘Canes on Saturday, April 16th at 5pm, for a wine tasting/lesson at Water 2 Wine at W Anderson Ln & MoPac (3300 W Anderson Ln #304, Austin, TX 78757) followed by dinner at Satay Thai. We’ll learn about processing and bottling of wine from locally-owned-and-growing-national, Water 2 Wine.

The wine tasting is free for the first five, just $1 for each additional taste. If you’d like a little more, “you can purchase wines in three ways: by the glass ($5-$9), by the bottle [$12-28], or by the batch ($262-$524).” The tasting will be accompanied by live music from Brian Mullin’s jazz/folk/rock.

After the wine tasting, we’ll walk across the parking lot to Satay Thai Restaurant and enjoy some of the best food prepared by an Austin icon, Dr.Foo.

winEducation & dinner