Scholarship donation – $225

Austin Canes is proud to announce that we made a $225 scholarship to the University of Miami. This satisfies our R.ecruitment of Students and Scholarship Fundraising requirement for 2016 and will help us earn a spending credit for the 2016-2017 year. Plus, it’s for a great cause!

Thank you to all those who donated on behalf of Austin Canes.

Don’t forget Global Networking Night on May 11th.

winEducation & dinner – April 16th, 5pm

Join Austin ‘Canes on Saturday, April 16th at 5pm, for a wine tasting/lesson at Water 2 Wine at W Anderson Ln & MoPac (3300 W Anderson Ln #304, Austin, TX 78757) followed by dinner at Satay Thai. We’ll learn about processing and bottling of wine from locally-owned-and-growing-national, Water 2 Wine.

The wine tasting is free for the first five, just $1 for each additional taste. If you’d like a little more, “you can purchase wines in three ways: by the glass ($5-$9), by the bottle [$12-28], or by the batch ($262-$524).” The tasting will be accompanied by live music from Brian Mullin’s jazz/folk/rock.

After the wine tasting, we’ll walk across the parking lot to Satay Thai Restaurant and enjoy some of the best food prepared by an Austin icon, Dr.Foo.

Scholarship Fundraising


Thank U for giving!

  • $100
  • $50
  • $20
  • $20
  • $20
  • $20
  • After transaction fees, our grand total was $225! Thanks everyone!

Help Austin ‘Canes build a scholarship by donating on/before Friday, April 8th!

P.R.I.D.E. Goals

As an alumni club, we are expected to meet several programming goals:

  • P.rofessional/Social Networking
  • R.ecruitment of Students and Scholarship Fundraising
  • I.bis Sports Related Events
  • D.evotion to Community
  • E.ducation for Alumni

It’s a pretty easy list of goals, but we hit a snag this year.

  • We were ineligible to host a recruitment-related Summer Sendoff due to too few students from this area going to UM.
  • In addition, no college fairs in the area had a Miami presence.

In order to meet our final P.R.I.D.E. requirement, we are raising money for a scholarship. Don’t worry! We aren’t going to bore you with a cocktail event and silent auction. 😉 Instead, we’ve made it easy to donate online through one member’s small business account.


So, please give a little scholarship money to help our club…and know that it’s for a good cause, too.

The fine print

(After the 2.75% fee), 100% of your donation will be used to support Austin Canes’ donation to the University of Miami General Scholarship fund in the name of Austin Canes. This is one of our P.R.I.D.E. requirements and will help us remain in good standing with the university’s alumni office. (We are not a 501c; to make a tax-deductible donation, please donate to the University of Miami directly.)
The charge to your account will show from As You Wish photography. A report of “sales” will be provided to the board members for complete transparency between As You Wish and Austin Canes.

Sweet Sixteen

Please join Hurricane alumni/fans for another Game Watch Party. This time, our ‘Canes are playing in the Sweet Sixteen.

Thursday, March 24th, at 6:10pm CDT.

The ACC has set a record for the most teams to make it to the Sweet 16, ever! So, let’s cheer on our Hurricanes and the other ACC schools into the Elite Eight!