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Austin Canes tshirt orders

To properly prepare for the All-ACC bar crawl (on December 8th), we’re ordering tshirts!

Austin Canes – tshirt order form


Austin Canes tshirt front design
Austin Canes tshirt front design


Austin Canes tshirt back design
Austin Canes tshirt back design

If we can get feminine cut shirts, we will. If you request feminine-cut and we can’t get them, we’ll trade for the same unisex size unless you email or sign up with different instructions.


To place an order for cash/check, email the following information to

  • Name
  • Phone or Email
  • Size
  • Payment method at next Game Watch Party:
    • $10 cash
    • $10 check (made out to As You Wish photography)

To pay online, email the same information but use the button below, (a $10.28 charge will show from As You Wish photography +2.75% online fee.)

Payments will be held by As You Wish photography. Monies collected will be used for the University of Miami, probably to the general scholarship fund in the name of Austin Canes.